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Program: Master of Justice, Law, and Criminology

Wendy Brehm is a first-year Justice, Law and Criminology student, concentrating on Jurisprudence and Social Thought. She holds her Bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Baltimore.

Wendy is the Justice, Law and Criminology program Representative for the School of Public Affairs Graduate Student Council. Prior to coming to American University, Wendy interned at the National Association of the Deaf, a law firm based in Silver Spring Maryland, where she learned a lot about the role advocacy plays in the lives of disabled and non-disabled individuals.

She also worked for the American Institute of Physics as a Government Relations Assistant, where she connected constituents from various states to their representatives when issues regarding science education and scientific developments arose. This inspired Wendy to seek opportunities where she could do similar work, but in areas where she is more passionate, such as disabled youth, education, and social justice.

Wendy is truly excited to be a part of the SPA Graduate Student Council and is looking forward to getting to know, and advocating for, her constituents!

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