Financial Request Forms

Each of the five Graduate Student Councils (GSC) and eligible graduate student organizations may request funding from the Graduate Leadership Council (GLC).

Graduate student organizations that serve the entire graduate community and are officially recognized by the Student Activities Office are eligible to apply for funding. Organizations in specific academic departments or schools may request funding from their respective GSC.

Step 1:

Please fill out the GLC Funding Allocation Request Form and complete the online application.

Step 2:

The GLC VP of Finance will contact you within 5 business days to confirm the completeness of your application or seek additional information.

Step 3:

The GLC President and VP of Finance will then approve your request for submission at the next GLC monthly meeting. A designee from your organization or respective GSC must be present at the meeting and be able to answer questions. Voting members of the GLC will then cast their votes in favor or against the allocation request.

Step 4:

If a majority vote in favor of the allocation is achieved, the GLC President or VP of Finance will:
1. Notify you of the status of your request.
2. (If allocated) Transfer the funds to your organization’s account with the Student Activities Office.