Travel Grants



The Graduate Leadership Council (GLC) is pleased to announce a competition for travel grants funded by the GLC. Graduate students of all schools at American University (AU) may apply for this grant if they will be participating in a conference or conducting field research as an AU student. Grant recipients will be eligible to receive up to $500 for conference fees and/or transportation expenses in support of the aforementioned activities.

The 2018-19 GLC Travel Grants will cover ONLY conference fees and transportation expenses that take place between Aug. 27, 2018 and Aug. 26, 2019 (the first day of the fall semester). Thus, you may retroactively apply for qualified expenditures made during the fall semester of 2018.

If you have any questions as to what qualifies as transportation expenses, please review the American University Travel Reimbursement Policy

You must be a currently enrolled graduate student at American University. All activities must be directly related to your academic studies at AU or to relevant professional development goals. You may use the grant to support transportation expenses for a research field trip. The grant cannot be used to fund a semester study abroad program, short-term study abroad program, or a practicum.

  • The Travel Grant Application has the following sections:
    • 1. Student Information
    • 2. Academic Information
    • 3. Travel Information
    • 4. Document Submission*
      • Statement of Purpose (300-400 words) – Describe how you’ll use the grant and provide information about the opportunity.
      • Resume / CV
      • Unofficial American University Transcript
      • Proposed Travel Itinerary Outline
      • Conference Registration Form (only if attending a conference)
      • Accepted Paper Abstract (only if presenting at a conference)
      • Research Field Trip Confirmation (only if taking a research field trip)

All information and documentation in the application form is required unless noted otherwise and will only be used by the Travel Grant Committee in evaluating your application. Your information will remain private and confidential.

If you have questions or concerns, please email

*All required documents will be submitted in the Document Submission section. Please ensure all of your materials are submitted in the .pdf format.

Travel Grant Applications Timeline

  • November 16: Applications Period Opens
    • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until March 1, 2019
  • January 18: Acceptance or Denial Notices will be sent to pre-January 18th applicants
    • Post-January 18th applicants will be notified within 15 business days of submission
  • March 1: Application Period Closes
  • March 15: Payment Process Starts
    • Pre-April 1st conference/trip expenses will be reimbursed
    • Pre-April 1st conference/trip expenses will be prepaid
  • March 20: Grantees Receive Payment Instruction via Email
    • Email will contain information regarding forms and instructions for payments
    • If requesting a reimbursement, you will be required to submit paperwork to the Student Activities Office
    • If you are eligible for a prepayment, you will be asked to sign up for a prepayment session (see below)
  • March 25 – April 12: Once-a-Week Prepayment Session
    • Depending on size of applicant pool, the GLC and Student Activities Office will hold once-a-week prepayment sessions for three weeks
    • Grantees must attend one session to prepay for their conference fees and travel expenses
    • During this period, the GLC Vice President of Finance will regularly check in with the individual travel grants and the overall process
  • March 25 – April 12: The GLC Vice President of Finance will regularly check in